Fully animated stick figures for text and emails using your iPhone or iPad. Stick Texting™ is a new and entertaining way to communicate by text or email. Detailed and clever animations express your thoughts and mood with a punch! Nothing else even comes close.

Simple enough for anyone to use. If you can text, you can use it.

You will have many animations which can be previewed to choose the perfect Stick Text.

Organize by favorites! New animations added free.

Installed in seconds and works perfectly, never experienced any bugs or errors when using.

- J. Nagurka Falls Church, VA

Very funny and clever!

- C. Houp Saco, ME

Best $.99 I have spent in a long time.

- J. Davis Tampa, FL

One of the most creative apps I have had the pleasure to work on.

- B. Stone Palm Harbor, FL
Example Stick Texts


What Really Sets Us Apart?

These are not single movement animations as seen with standard emoticon apps. These are detailed action scenes, made to entertain! You will love sending and receiving Stick Texts.

What's Wrong With A Smiley?

Sure a smiley has its place and animated smileys can certainly be cute. But Stick Texting™ takes texting to a whole new level. Stick Texting™ is like a short cartoon that really makes a point. Multiple frames, multiple facial expressions, all action. You will not be disappointed.

What Sort Of Animations Are Included?

Machine Guns, Flying Karate Kicks And Surfing... Just To name A Few.

Stick Texting™ Takes Your Texting To A Whole New Level!

Stick Texting™ is a start-up iPhone app company that is based on the principle that every app should provide much more value than the asking price. We are confident that every app that we make will provide value and entertainment so that you will always feel that you received more than your money's worth.
We welcome all input from our customers and will do what it takes to develop apps that we are proud to put our name on and apps you are proud to own and use.
If you have suggestions for improvements to any of our products, we want to know about them and we will attempt to implement any changes to increase the value of our apps.

Mitch Robiner / Owner


Our Team

Release Fixes/Updates

Ver 17+

Released on 5/2013
  • New: 17+ College Edition Available in the app store, go buy it now!

Ver 1.0

Released on 8/2012
  • New: Available in the app store, go buy it now!

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